Wax Chopper & T.P.P.C Pot Shot Gift Set


This cute gift set is both indulgent and practical. This handy wax chopper will slice your product into smaller, more convenient pieces and the Pot Shot will bring the most decadent of scents to any room.

We think that this tool will make a great addition to any wax melt stash. Chop the Pot Shot into quarters, that's up to 60 hours worth of burn time in four neat little sections.

You will be sent a random colour of chopper (either Pink, Green, Orange or Blue) along with the Pot Shot of your choice. If you do have a preference of the colour of your chopper, please specify in the comment box and will try to accommodate this but it cannot be guaranteed.

Premium Pot Shots come with a £1 surcharge in line with individual listings. 

Each pack contains 1 Wax Chopper & 1 Pot Shot.

How to use:
- Chop on a suitable, hard surface such as a chopping board
- Align the wax to the chopper where you want to cut and push down
- MAKE SURE all fingers are away from the blade when you push down to avoid injury
- Keep out of reach of children
- Wash with warm, soapy water after use and dry thoroughly before storage
- Dishwasher safe

Please see the individual Pot Shot listings for allergen information, all products will be sent with all CLP information. If you have any allergen concerns, please contact us before purchasing this product.